Therapeutic Autoimmune Program!

Therapeutic Autoimmune Program!

Some things in life need a little bit more TLC!

Suffering from an autoimmune disease can be completely overwhelming, but not something you have to face alone.

Dealing with the ongoing symptoms and trying to find the way through holistically can feel like a full-time job.

You didn’t get to this point overnight, and you’re not going to get better overnight.

But exciting studies have shown that you can experience symptom relief and even healing through a tailored Nutritional protocol called the Autoimmune Paleo approach.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

This protocol is incredibly detailed and needs guidance and accountability to get it right. And that’s where we come in!

Our Therapeutic Autoimmune Program has been carefully designed to make your life as comfortable as possible as you tackle your autoimmune condition head-on through implementing correct nutrition protocols and healing lifestyle practices.

On the program, you will receive:

+ A personalised A.I.P Meal plan with over 30 snacks and meals included

+ 30 minute weekly consults with your own dedicated Nutrition Coach

+ Support material including the following documents; Tips for success on A.I.P, Foods Allowed & Not Allowed, The Re-introduction phase.

WHAT is the AIP?

The AutoImmune Paleo diet is designed to calm and recalibrate an over-reactive immune system.

HOW? By removing foods that 'turn on' the immune system and replacing them with healing whole foods.

WHY? To calm, treat and even reverse your autoimmune condition.WHEN? The sooner the better.

WHO? Anyone suffering a diagnosed autoimmune condition.

The program has a minimum commitment of 13 weeks as this is the required time to experience real results and sustainable change.

Your coach will help you to heal through implementing the detox phase, educating you along the way as to WHY foods are promoted or avoided, instilling helpful lifestyle tips, troubleshooting, encouragement, walking you into the re-introduction phase and most importantly, setting you up in a lifestyle that best manages your condition long term.

The program costs $99/week (via Direct Debit, a minimum of 13 weeks with 4 weeks notice via email to cancel subscription)

Upfront payments are accepted, however, must be set up via email with

We look forward to helping you heal and nourish your body, The Chief Life Team

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