Private Nutrition Consult & Customised Meal Plan

Private Nutrition Consult & Customised Meal Plan


Book in with University qualified Dietitian, Stacey Harris, BSc (Nutrition) Honours, for a one hour private nutrition consult (face to face, Skype or Facetime).

You'll receive a full health assessment, a basic nutrition education and guidance targeted specifically towards you and your current health and fitness goals. This package also includes a fully customised meal plan, which will be created after the initial consult and based on the information collected during the consult.

Specialising in food allergies and intolerances, gut health/dysfunction, chronic fatigue, fat loss, improved energy, muscle gain, performance, kids and general health and well-being.

Please email to schedule your appointment, either before or after making payment. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your health challenges and goals.

Please note: rebates are not available, as we find that when people are making changes to their health, they put more effort into achieving their goals when they see value in what they are doing. Thank you for your understanding.