30 Day Fasting Challenge

30 Day Fasting Challenge

Join us February 3rd for our 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge.

After each 30 day challenge, we make changes based on the participant's feedback. Meaning that this next is set to be our best one yet! 

This program is set to decrease your unwanted body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and help to tone you up overall! 

Intermittent Fasting is a program that is taking the world by storm. The issue is so many people think it's just about simply skipping a meal. This is incorrect! We'll teach you not only the benefits and most favourable time structures for intermittent fasting, but also a method of eating to pair with the protocol to ensure you get the best results possible in 30 days!


- What to eat and when to eat it! 

- The benefits of fasting

- When to fast and what breaks your fast

- Why you should fast and how to choose the fasting protocol that fits into your schedule.

- Design your own eating days with a flexible dieting approach.  

- The benefits of carb cycling and why it's SO EFFECTIVE for performance

- The perfect approach for fat loss, maintaining and gaining muscle.


What You'll Get:

- 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge and Carb Cycling guide (UPDATED)

- Guided videos to help you with your numbers and food creation.

- 30 Days of support through a private Facebook group from our Nutrition Coaching Team! 


30 days, no days off!

30 days to a better you!