February 21, 2015 1

fannedprograms 'The Chief Life' are a focused and driven team, bringing you the latest in healthy eating meal plans and gym/home training programs. For Brisbane located clients we also offer one on one sessions to critique and perfect your movement and assist you with your new training plan. Our goal is to get you on track to achieving your full potential, and we can help you achieve this by directing you to eat "Real" whole foods in balanced portion sizes and guiding your training based on your health and fitness related goals. Specific dietary requirements are no problem as the meal plans are customised to your likes/dislikes/allergies/health conditions. If you are looking for the movement library, click here or on the "movement library" menu option above to see our comprehensive list of movement videos available for your convenience. Let us know via email ( if there are any movements you would like to know more about that are not currently available in our library and we will add them - thank you and enjoy! To purchase meal plans/training programs or apparel, click here or on the "shop" menu option above. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated with our latest styles and program info.

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